We are a committed team of passionate and dedicated CrossFit Trainers and Fitness Coaches, who strive to teach all of our members how to move better. It is our promise to you, that every session that you have in any one of our facilities, will be a unique and truly special experience.

STEP ONE: Sign up by completing the form below or Click Here!

STEP TWO: Book a time!

We will contact you regarding signing up. For CrossFit, we will give you info on your 2 part On-Ramp course which takes place at CrossFit Kaiyay on 2 consecutive Mondays at 6pm, or regarding our new HIIT Series "Cardio-Blast" sessions. CrossFit On-Ramp classes consist of two 1-hour sessions, where you will be introduced to CrossFit through learning and familiarizing yourselves with the 9 Foundational Movements. On-Ramp classes run from 6pm-7pm every Monday. New members must attend and participate in both Part 1 and Part 2 on consecutive Monday evenings

STEP THREE: What to bring!

This course has been designed to meet the fitness levels of any individual who possesses the desire to be better. All we ask you to bring is a great attitude and open-mind. Wear athletic clothing and shoes.

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